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 Watch Ghost Hunters October 21 at 9PM on the SciFi Channel where they will invetigate the Houghton Mansion!!!

Welcome to the official website of the Houghton Mansion!

The Houghton Mansion was home to North Adams, Massachusetts first mayor Albert Charles Houghton and his family. In the spring of 1914, the Houghton’s invested in their first car and sent their long-time chauffeur, John Widders, to learn to drive it. On August 1st of that year, Mr. Houghton and his daughter, Mary went to nearby Bennington, VT for a pleasure drive with Mr. Widders at the helm.

This is how it all began. This unfortunate accident and the many deaths and incidents which occurred shortly thereafter are the exact reasons why the Houghton Mansion is seen as one of the most haunted locations in the United States.

We will also be doing more walk through tours in September. Check our Facebook page for details.

Currently the Houghton Mansion is the home to the local Masons. The Mansion has been featured on television shows such as Ghost Adventurers and is also found in many books and on many websites that exploit haunted locations around the U.S.

Today Overnight tours are offered to smaller groups and can be booked by emailing houghtonmansion@gmail.com The Mansion also has the ability to house many other events, either in the paranormal realm or not. There is a kitchen on site as well as a ballroom with stage. The location has held events such as Ghost Hunts with stars from the Syfy’s hit television show, Ghost Hunters to local spaghetti dinners and pancake breakfasts.


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